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ThUgiN aLL oUt rHyMe-sPiTTin Mr. MaKaVeLi's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
ThUgiN aLL oUt rHyMe-sPiTTin Mr. MaKaVeLi

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[19 Nov 2003|08:45am]
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[04 Sep 2003|12:39am]
this journal is being retired.

if anyone needs a journal or something.. tell me. or if you know anyone.

otherwise, i'm deleting it.

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[03 Sep 2003|02:11am]
The world is against me.
"Me against the world."
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[09 Aug 2003|03:46pm]
Many thanks and much love to all my broz and sisters for making this the best summer i've ever had. Leaving in about 3 hours, and I'm totally not ready.

But yeah, I'm gonna try and make this short.. so yeah. Nothing much to say except that I'm feeling really sad.

Not ready to go. Back to another year of hell in Texas. So yeah, peace out I guess. Shouts to a few:

joe + bro hitting it up. thanks for sticking by and yo we are the best =) i don't forget best friends. Next year let's do some more "shit".

dan - you better get yo hairy ass to Texas. thanks for another kick ass summer.

vic - haha who else but vic. thanks for everything. "Remember the time we did something stupid?" Blowing up the security cameras with firecrackers = the shit. Enough said.

jon - too bad you left early. gan. so gay. should've stuck around for everything.

boz - same as above.

andrew - piggy. should've stuck around longer also.. haha..and also been in on some of the shit.

sarah - blah blah blah you still owe me a bracelet! anyways.. take care yo.

ivy - to a certain sister i wish i had, good luck to all the shit life tosses you. I know you're tough, so you'll pull through. If you ever need help, hit me up. Take care.

eric chu, stephanie chan - been fun at work. Thanks for making work less boring :)


I'm outta time. Peace out to a truely dear summer krew. Couldn't have asked for more. Somethings are not for public eyes, so I'll leave it at that.

Love for all, and a big hug. To a certain someone, love for all eternity, and a thousand stuffed animals from cheap arcade games in Taiwan night markets. They were worth every single 10nt coin I ever burned.

Of course, for Jon, Vic, and Dan, we'll beat DKD someday. For now, i'll enjoy that ticklish lovelish feeling of smoking all your asses in Project Gotham, Frozen Throne, CS, and all the other wonderful games. Wan Cas were fun, we only spent 204141934582068240686842602462 nt total.

For the rest I forgot, or neglected, I leave you this:
"Remember the time we did something stupid?"
Thanks Vic, hahahahahhahahshhhahahhahahahahha I ripped you off =).


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[04 Aug 2003|07:49am]
Shit. 5 more days left in Taiwan.

oh my fucking god I can't believe how fast time went by. Yeah.. this bites. Good side though, get to head back to Cali now =).

Summer has been a absolute blast. Just got back from Kenting with Vic, my bro, and my mom. Hella fun time, from renting little motorcycles to go-karting, to shopping late night at the kenting markets (and wasting 400 nt trying to win a knife at a BB gun game), and also... kicking it at the beach but not being able to rent jet skiis cuz of damn cops. Kenting was awesome, and Vic shit.. made it awesome. Checking out hot chicks was fun also =).

I'm happy to say this has been the best summer ever. Couldn't have asked for more, and things have turned really tight. These three months or so have felt like three days. Time went by so fast it's unbelievable. I still remember the first month of summer where I spent like all my time with Dan, Jon, Vic, Sarah, and Boz. Andrew also.. and damn... so many people.

2nd month of summer came Taichung trips, Mah La Wan, bar hopping, and Wan Ca. Warcraft III was fun, and after spending like the first month attempting to beat DKD but never doing so, I'm never gonna touch it again.

3rd month came Kenting, more Taichung runs, taipei runs, 3432532236236 all nighters doing rnadom shit with Vic, Dan, Andrew, and whoever else... Jon and Boz left early so that sucked. But other than that.. damn.. I don't even think I slept in my own friggin bed for more than 20 days the entire summer.

I'm really going to miss everyone... 5 more days.. better make it count. What's left..

- clubbing in Taipei
- meeting up with some other people. (joe, leekai, felicia, joann... dunno who else)
- one more Taichung run.
- Dinner with Dan, Sarah, Vic, and Joe.
- last minute packing

whatever else.. this is long.

peace out.
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[30 Jul 2003|02:29am]
until i feel like updating again.
or unless people want me too =P
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[24 Jul 2003|04:48pm]
my new comp look.

enough said.
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[12 Jul 2003|01:18am]

Joe Huang, thanks for making work less boring. Stephanie and Chubacka also.

Shoutz to Jon, Boz, Eric Yen, Jean Madden, and everyone that left. pEace. KIT.

RIP to Colin Westin.
Thanks for the memories and the rest of the lovable stuff. Gonna miss you.

Keeping this shit short cuz I'm lazy and fucking tired.

less than a month left. Let's make the rest of the summer count.

Whoever hasen't rung me up to chill yet needs to pick up your damn cell and dial 0930100840. :D\-<

Kenting anyone?
T3 coming out next week. Must watch.

Cali people --> August 9th gonna be back. Can't wait but must leave Taiwan with some good memories.

Nigguh bounce.
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[01 Jul 2003|10:21am]
[ mood | amused ]

Been a really nice four days, but with some wierdness and adventure. So yeah, anyways, update.

Thursday night: me and dan go to San Shia to find Jon one last time before he leaves for Malaysia.. it was fun.. pretty chill. Played some pool, lit up, looked at stars.. the usual shit. Too bad Dan still can't fix his FFX :\. Jon's dog is hella phat though... too bad it can't go inside. Yeah anyways friday we go fix Jon's comp and shit but too bad the store guy couldn't fix it.. so we leave it, head to train station and come back to hsinchu.

Hsinchu: Head back to my place with Dan and Jon, bored... sat around playing xbox for a couple hours... Vic calls says he's in Hsinchu and than we go find him at the caf... play some war3 and stuff. Left around midnight or so, went to the high life next to their old house and talked to a few guys we knew... so I get on Fatty's motorcycle and he bums me home.... dunno what to do so I borrowed MY high life guy's motorcycle cuz I'm chill with him and shit... blah blah... here's where the real stupid shit comes up.... anyways.. rode the motorcycle back to Vic/Jon/Dan's old place.. no problems and shit.. so I call them... try and get them to come down. SHIT! Fucking motorcycle man.. so yeah.. eventually I end up hitting a fucking truck and than wrecking the motorcycle. So yeah.... now I owe like 8000 freaking NT to fix the damn cycle. Yeah... so after I wreck it.. I'm all fucking shocked and stuff. The truck's owner comes out... says I owe him 2000 bullfuckingshit NT because i broke some precious box on his damn truck.. blah blah... fucking chink needs to chill and shit.. just a damn truck. So yeah. we pay the guy off and end up having to wheel the fucking motorcycle like 2 and a half kms back to the highlife at my place.. explain to the guy and shit.. what happened. So yeah.. after we explain and shit.. I'm all feeling hella shitty cuz I just wrecked his damn cycle.. he's not pissed.. just tells us to fix the cycle. After inspecting the damages.. the guy tells us it's gonna cost around 8000 nt to fix. Oh well.. guess there goes all my summer money. But yeah... I'm alright.. in case anyone is wondering.. just some cuts and stuff.

Yeah, even after that shit that night... next morning.. we decide to head for Taichung and mah la wan. So me, Jon, and Vic head on over to Piggy's to pick him up. Dan's too tired to go though.. so he comes later. At like freaking 7:30 in the morning we get to ching da and get on the damn bus to Taichung. Ride over.. sleep the whole way cuz everyone's so tired from the motorcycle crap. Get there and head over to Vic's for some rest. We leave for Mah la wan at around 11 and get there at like 12:30. Pretty chill... too many people though. Yeah... the wave pool was cool and the water slides were phat. Yeah.. stay in Mah la wan till around 5pm or so.. than head back. End up going to Vic's again for a bit.. we call Dan and he's on his way to Taichung. End up heading to Shing Guan that damn big mall and stuff. Eat a quick dinner and stuff... Dan comes and we watch Hulk on the 14th floor. Not a bad movie.. just pretty confusing.. I think Ang Lee was trying to make the movie different or something... Yeah after the Hulk we shop around and Vic gets a little something for Joy. Yeah we run outta ideas so we walk the fuck back to Vic's from Shing Guan which took like 30 minutes.. than decide to turn back and go to the Caf near his place.. play some more war3 and shit.. pretty fun. End up back at Vic's around 4am than sleep for like forever.

Next day, Jon and Dan decide to stay in Taichung one more day so I was like fuck it.. might as well stay too. Piggy has to go back so we drop him off at the bus station than go back to the Caf for some more action.. it's only like 10nt a hour so hella worth it. After playing for a bit.. decide to go eat at Sogo basement. Yeah.. we eat.. hang out for a bit around Taichung than grab some drinks.. chill out than head back to Vic's around 7-8 and fuck everyone's still mad tired from not enough sleep so we just crash again... woke up the next morning.. went to the caf AGAIN for a bit... head back to Vic's and his mom cooks us food.. hella good and stuff. we play GT on his PS2 and stuff.. than FINALLY head back to Hsinchu by bus that night.. we end up in Hsinchu around 10:30 pm, no more fucking bus so we walk.. Joey calls midway.... we go meet him at the Caf in Hsinchu but by than everyone's sick of gaming so we just chill.. talk for a bit.. than I gotta leave cuz ghetto work tomorrow.. so I fucking walk back home.. and yeah. sleep like a baby.


yeah.. long ass entry..

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[26 Jun 2003|09:00am]
Happy Deathday!
Your name:steve chin
You will die on:Monday, January 30, 2018
You will die of:Deleted from the Matrix
Created by Quill

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[15 Jun 2003|09:58pm]
[ mood | content ]

Prom 2003 + post prom at my house. Unforgettable, and even though the Prom itself kinda sucked... post prom rocked.

I would like to thank everyone for a absolutely unforgetable night.

My fellow Alumuni:
Eric Chen
Eric Chu

and also,
Jon Chin junior
Jon Chin senior
Eric Yen
Gene Tsai
and everyone else who made post prom rock.

Pictures here:

Thanks everyone. Juniors, good job. Amy Wang, you ripped me off, but it's ok :).

Congrats to the Class of 2003. You Made it.

And lastly, to my bro, Jon Chin (junior), Thanks for everything. Keeping it real, driving your ass here, driving back, music, letting me mess with the DJ equipment, looking out for me, and everything else. I'll miss you. Take care, and I'll hit you up in Cali.


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[09 Jun 2003|07:49am]
I miss the old Cali days.

Breathes in..
'tino village, valco, mercado 20, arthur's house, late night KFC runs, INNOCENCE, kevin's 1000 watt stereo system complete with 60 inch TV, DVD, and surround sound, hot korean girls, after-school basketball, 7-eleven lunches, ghetto bikes, starcraft, dunk contests on my 7 foot rim, goldeneye all-nighters, sean's pickup, even woodshop with Mr. Carlstorm and the infinite number of pens i made.. shit.

Just realizing that cuz it's been so, so, so long.

nearly 4 years now since I left Cali to move back to Taiwan. Wow. too, too long..

Taiwan is chill also :)

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[07 Jun 2003|12:57am]
Holy shit.. it's been over three weeks since I've gotten back. Damn time goes by fast.

Anyways.. so much shit already done and more in need :D

Anyone up for a trip to kenting? Hualien? ANYWHERE? Hsinchu is getting lame really fast.

Anyways yeah... I'm basically at Jon and Vic's most of the time now haha. Their place kicks. No where else to go.. gan.

Ms Jones is a slut for getting my banned from school.. how ghey. Now there's really nothing to fucking do.

Hmm.. I kinda wanna drop in on graduation and prom only not sure if I can go or not :\. So gay.. man.
After prom though, party up.

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[28 May 2003|11:46pm]
Anyone up for a post-prom party either at Vic Lin's place or even my place on the roof?

I was thinking we can get a bunch of people together, throw together a BBQ, and of course, have a bunch of good food and drinks.

Yeah, start thinking ;). Prom is only the beginning of that night hopefully. Btw, an all guy party is pretty fucking shitty, so yeah... hahahahaa.

Some things we might need:
-Costco run (I can probably do that).
-Food & Drinks
-TV / DVD / PS2 / X-box (?)
-Comps + Lan cables + a network setup maybe?

I dunno what else, need your comments. Gonna be fun, trust me. Yeah, whoever wants to come is probably for sure invited. Let's make this a blast :D.

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[19 May 2003|10:28pm]
Back in Taiwan blah blah blah.

Cell - 0930100840
Home - 03-564-0285

Gimme a exuse to hwun all summer k thx.
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[15 May 2003|04:25pm]
W00t... two more days.

Wow, feels like just yesterday where I was wondering if I was gonna go home anytime in the next decade.

Yeah... I can't wait! Time to have some fun and just kick it for three months straight. Shit I can use the break.

Anyways... went on a shopping spree today :D. Got so much stuff, but mostly shit for friends.. you pigs!

Let's see.. hope I didn't miss anyone

Waz - Good Charlotte Poster
Andrew - Shorts
Jean - Shower gel
Felicia - Legolas poster :D
Jon - Um... SHIT I forgot, wait I'll go get something tomorrow.

Shit... haha, knew I forgot someone. Anyone else want something? Last chance. If anyone needs more masks, I'm bringing like 30 something back... hahaha. SARS is so fucked up. Shit I really hope it doesn't fuck up my trip.

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[10 May 2003|05:03pm]

Hope SARS doesn't fuck my trip up.
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[09 May 2003|04:30pm]
From now on, only people with registered accounts will be able to post messages.

Due to the fucking faggot that has no dick, it's gonna be that way.

Nice message from my last post dickless fucker, when I find out who you are, I'm gonna kick your skinny ass. You're such a fucking faggot, hahahhahhahhh... stupid lil bitch.
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[08 May 2003|06:06pm]
I feel like shit. Fuck.

Stomach hurting, head hurting, and I feel hot and cold all at the same time.

Shit, 9 more days to go also.
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[03 May 2003|11:14pm]
That's gonna be fucked up if NEHS cancels prom or fucks with graduation... really fucked up.

Yeah, I'll kick some ass if they fuck it up... hahhahahhhaha

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